12 Ways to get lean

1. Eat more protein. Eat protein every four hours
2. Make Green leafy vegetables your friend. They are loaded with nutrients but not calories. Make it a habit to have green leaf in all your meals
3. Eat for volume. Eat food that are high in volume but not calories like cabbage spinach, broccoli, lettuce. For non vegetarians Egg whites.
4. Drink more water
5. Dont throw fat out of your diet. Extremely low fat diet are a huge mistake. Not only fat provides you energy but helps you absolve vitamins into your body. Balance your fat intake by eating saturated ( butter, ghee, coconut oil) and un saturated (olive oil, nuts, flaxseed)
6. Sleep proper – 8 hours daily. Proper sleep is necessary for muscle building as well as optimising fat loss.
7. Drink Green Tea.
8. Take fish oil supplement. Omega 3 slows down your body ageing process.
9. Lift heavy weights.
10. Limit your rest time between sets.
11. Set Goals and make them your priority
12. Get yourself a mentor and group to keep motivating so that you reach your goal.

May 1, 2016

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