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Leadership Board – As per data audited on 5th March 2022. Congrats to Top 50 in both categories. The Top score in Under 40 category is 920.15 and 50th rank is 454.59. The top score in Over 40 category is 871.73 and 50th score is 396.66.
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Under 40

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Over 40

FITstar of the week

Jayshree Sarda is a psychologist, who firmly believes that people who exercise regularly have better mental health and emotional well-being. Finding ‘Love for fitness’ late in her life, Jayshree is participating in 100 Day challenge for the first time and has set ‘being consistent’ as her fitness goal. 
Mentored by Dr Rajat Chauhan, Jayshree loves how sensible the schedule of the challenge is, how it respects her individual journey and how there’s always a cheerleader around. She says, “As a woman, I play many roles but the role which is closest to my heart is that of a mother. Husband and I took up fitness/ running primarily because we wanted to be good role models to our children and till now that is the biggest motivation on lazy days. Also support of the family matters”. 
She joined the Challenge being inspired by Sandeep Mall and it has given her the opportunity to be more consistent. She admits that a fitness journey is not a cakewalk and a ‘never say die’ attitude is the key to reaching the goals. She asks her fellow participants to take inspiration from Scarlett O’Hara and believe that ‘if they falter one day, it is all right. After all, tomorrow is another day’. 
“Sometimes I feel envious of people who make it look so easy. For me, no run is easy. I have stumbled, in different phases of this journey. Sometimes taking longer breaks than necessary. But I like it that I do not give up – on myself”, Jayshree says. 

February 20, 2022

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