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It’s crazy how fast time flies and how things progress. We just completed 50 days of the 2nd 100 Day Challenge. Going by the emails and DMs I have been receiving, some of the participants have made remarkable progress in their fitness journey – maintaining discipline of exercising regularly. Some, who weren’t able to start earlier, good to see them kick-start late in the challenge, inspired by others in the tribe. Continue Challenging yourself to keep up the regularity in next 50 days – trust me, you will love the fitter self! #AdmireYourself 
It’s interesting to watch the data dashboard and see the numbers rising everyday. The admins have had some challenging yet happy days with single day data entry exceeding 670! They have reviewed more than 30000 entries in first 50 days. Kudos to them! 
More than half of the regular participants took up the wildcard challenges and grabbed some bonus points. There are more exciting ones coming your way. Do participate to give a quick push to your points. 
Of the entries for monthly step count challenge, the number of participants clocking in daily average of 10000 steps, stands impressively high at 200+. Keep it up everyone! #LetsGetFitterTogether 
We also bring you a great opportunity to reward yourself for completing half way through your 100 day journey. Coming soon – an online shopping festival by the sponsors of the Challenge – 25% off on their products for 5 days only. Details will be sent to the participants via email, Telegram and Twitter.  
FITstar of the week – Ramanpreet Singh
Ramanpreet, a Telecom R&D professional, who played national level badminton during school and university days, has recently renewed his fetish for fitness. For him, taking part in the first Challenge was about testing the waters in order to come back to an active lifestyle routine after decades. “It helped me to create a discipline to work out at least 30 min a day,” proclaims Ramanpreet, who is also harbouring the dreams of playing professional badminton again and aspires for a pain and medicine free life.

Ramanpreet’s passion for fitness has been gainfully contagious, as following his dad, his son too joined badminton classes and recently got selected in district badminton team.
Meanwhile, losing 10 kgs after the first Challenge has made him more ambitious and now he is all set to spike up his fitness regime with 2nd 100 Day Challenge. Going by his fitness role model, Sandeep Mall’s dictum, Ramanpreet wants to ‘look good in and out of clothes,’ and asks all the parents out there to be “stronger than their excuses and be an inspiration for the kids”.
Ramanpreet is also enjoying Fitness and Strength Training Coaching with Project Fitness Company, the guidance of Chirag Barjatyaa’s team of experts. 
Share your experience of being part of the 100 Day Challenge and we will love to feature you here. Email to us at healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com.  

February 27, 2022

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