100 Day Health Challange

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
It’s that time of year again, when we make New Year’s resolutions. Every New Year presents us with the opportunity to start afresh! It is a great time to commit to a better and more conscious lifestyle. Studies say the top resolution people make on New Year is to exercise and stay fit. In fact, couple of days back I had done a poll on Twitter about the same and for more than half of those making resolutions, ‘health’ tops the list. Participating in a health challenge is a powerful way to build the practice of taking care of your physical well being. Joining a mass fitness drive, like 100 Day Health Challenge, not only impacts your life but also influences your friends, family and also virtual networks.
In case if you are wondering where to begin with your resolutions for fitness, your search ends right here! 100DAY HEALTH CHALLENGE RETURNS!
A feisty and enthusiastic band of fitness and health experts, entrepreneurs and individuals from varied walks of life, made the idea of first ‘100 Day Health Challenge’ into a successful mass fitness drive last year. The enthusiasm of the participants was commendable throughout. At the end of the Challenge, it was rewarding to see remarkable transformations and everyone taking individual responsibility to lead a better fitness regime and reach new benchmarks.
 Participants speak
 Dr. Veenu Maadana participant of the first 100 Day Health Challenge says it transformed her as a person and has revolutionised her lifestyle.  
 Arpit Gupta couldn’t run 5 km at a stretch, now he runs 10 km every day. 100Day Health Challenge changed his fitness quotient remarkably.
 Bhumika Shah has added variety to her fitness regime post 100Day Health Challenge. In addition to her earlier routine of cycling, running and walking, she has gone more eclectic by dabbling into Zumba, aerobics and yoga!
 Read all about the first 100Day Health Challenge here.
 With time, the idea has generated more momentum! With a sturdy rise in interest from fitness ninjas, the community is growing very fast. The virtual exercise buddies are a part of a borderless community with one goal, collectively building a healthier nation and upholding their delightful fitness journey to inspire those around them!
 100Day Health Challenge 2.0
 After the first 100Day Health Challenge that took place between April and July last year, the second edition is all set to begin from January 15, 2022!
Are you ready?
Come let’s make fitness fun! With the 100Day Health Challenge all set to return, it is time to admire yourself! Body, mind and soul! 
 In life we often shy away from giving ourselves the due credit! In turn we tend to rely on friends and family to compliment us and to feel good about ourselves. Often to move forward in life, you need to acknowledge and appreciate your achievements in life, both the big and small. Dedication, discipline, commitment, consistency, belief, persistence make you want to move forward. So it is time you compliment yourself amply! And admire yourself. 
 The online registration will open on January 4, 2022 on www.sandeepmall.com and will close on January 12 or upon reaching 1000 registrations. All the details pertaining to the Challenge, guidelines, rules and regulations, rewards, etc. will be announced on the website, when the registration begins. It is possibly the only challenge of its kind bringing together 1000 individuals virtually, with two powerful goals – #AdmireYourself and $GettingFitterTogether
 The Challenge will have two primary categories –
·    Under 40
·    40 and above
 The participants can choose from an eclectic mix of activities, including – walk, run, cycle, swim, do strength training, yoga, zumba, aerobics. You can also play a sport like tennis, badminton etc. What is even more interesting is that all participants will be able to clock in their activities through the Strava App. 
 That’s not all friends!
 To make it a fun affair and to fuel up your pulse-meters, trophies, medals, and exciting prizes are in store for you all! More details, coming soon on the website.
Here is peek into what awaits you –
  • Custom designed trophies for Top 3 performers in both categories
  • Custom designed trophies for Top 3 women achievers
  • Medals for Top 50 in each of the two categories
  •  Printed certificates for everyone working out 75 days out of the 100
  • Digital certificates for the others.
 Selections will be based on the data received through Strava app, which will be incorporated with our database. Also, after the exciting and high-voltage 100 days affair, a virtual awards ceremony will be held to award the participants. 
So pull up your socks and buckle up your shoes! Be a part of a thrilling and fun filled event that can revolutionise your life!
 As participants you will be actively sharing your activities and milestones on social media, creating strong buzz throughout the 100 days and beyond.
 Remember! “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” – So challenge yourself to change for better and fitter!
 If you wish to know more about the Challenge, have any suggestions, ideas or want to support in any way, do write to us at healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com
Stay tuned and stay connected with me on Twitter for regular updates. 
 Join the jamboree! Begin 2022 with a unique thrill!
 La dolce vita!

January 2, 2022

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