100 Day Health Challange 2.0

The 100 Day Health Challenge kickstarter yesterday. Some of you must be part of the 100 Day tribe, determined to take fitness discipline seriously.The collective enthusiasm, of 800+ participants from 4 different countries and 27 Indian States and Union Territories, is such a high! What will be really important is to keep up the consistency. Choose any or as many different activities that’s feasible for you to do in the current scenario, but be sincere and regular. Keep sharing your stories of overcoming challenges and how you keep yourself motivated to exercise regularly. Your tweets and stories will be inspiring many others in the tribe on their challenging days. 
On day one, it seemed to have rained in many parts of the country. It was amazing to see so many of you finding alternatives to ensure you didn’t miss your exercise – it inspired me to cycle even on my rest day :-). 
Don’t forget to use the hashtag (#AdmireYourself) in all your tweets related to the Challenge. It will help us find your stories and retweet them to inspire others. 
During the 100 Days, we will be announcing a few WildCard fitness challenges for fun, giving random opportunities to participants to boost their points. 
If you have missed all our previous updates about the 100 Day Challenge, visit www.sandeepmall.com to know all about this one of its kind community fitness drive.
Many brands and businesses have come forward to support the Challenge by offering exciting prizes for the winners. As a gratitude to them, next issue onwards, we will do a sponsor spotlight, featuring one brand every week, in this newsletter. 
Stay tuned for updates on the Challenge. #LetsGetFitterTogether

January 23, 2022

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