100 Day Health Challange 2.0

It’s been a great start of the Challenge. Enthusiasm of the participants is commendable. Many have managed two hours of activities everyday, some even in extreme cold. Many, who hadn’t been exercising for a while, are very happy to get back into the discipline, even if simply walking for 3/6/9km.
If you feel low on motivation to exercise, some of the tweets with #AdmireYourself will surely inspire you to beat the lethargy.
“Challenge done for the day with 121 km cycling on chilly wet morning. My longest so far”
“Run my first km after more than 6 months, thanks to 100 Day Challenge”
“Love for dance is growing”
“Getting better everyday”
“Temp says 5 degrees. Running is meditation on adrenaline. Push the limits. Get rid of the shackles. Keep showing up”
“Go beyond your limits. Strong headwinds and crosswinds. I am going all out this time. Not just to win the challenge but to come out and remain a better person”
“My first ever 2km run. Little pain with so much gain”
Tweet your Challenge updates and stories with hashtag AdmireYourself and inspire others in the tribe.
A gentle reminder to update your exercise data regularly.
In every issue of Good Vibes, during the challenge, we will randomly feature one participant – FITstar of the week, briefly sharing his/her story of determination to maintain fitness discipline.
FITstar of the week – Sameer Oak

Sameer Oak, a Veteran Submariner in Indian Navy.
One of the most active and disciplined participants of the first 100 day challenge, Sameer’s enthusiasm in the ongoing challenge is commendable and truly inspiring. Oak who claims to have already achieved better aerobic fitness, mobility and reduction of RHR, has set an ambitious goal this time round. He aims to maintain the average of 10000 daily steps, and 90-120 mins of strength training, essential for swimming, cycling and running.
Oak takes his daily dose of motivation from fitness experts like Sandeep Mall, Aseem Anand, Adil Nargilwala and A Khawre, the cyclist. Once afflicted with Tuberculoma related seizures Oak takes anti epileptic drugs and hopes to get off medication one day. For the aspiring fitness enthusiasts, here is Oak’s succinct fitness mantra, “Show up for exercise daily, come what may. The only bad workout is the one you did not do.”

January 30, 2022

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