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FITStar of the week – Dr Sudha Jha

Dr. Sudha Jha has been going to the gym regularly since 2012. She has been working out since last two years. at home and also started running since last Summer. She loves being a part of 100day challenge -2 and find it very interesting and motivating, especially the wild cards challenges. She is determined to stay physically fit and mentally sound. 
Her motivation comes from the results she achieves with her consistency. She is inspired by her nephew, who is a busy neurosurgeon and fitness enthusiast. Her fitness tips to fellow challenge participants are, ‘believe in yourself’, ‘don’t give up ever’ and ‘listen to your body always’. Dr. Jha adds, “Don’t push yourself too hard always , sometimes little enjoyments and pleasures go a long way in making our lives easier and more joyful”.
Wild Card challenge – Push Ups
Image 1
Image 1

Image 2
Image 2

Option 1 (Refer to 1st image)
10 push-ups – 15 points and for every additional there after, 2 points per push up. 
Option 2 (Refer to 2nd image) 
If you do push ups with knees on the floor,  15 push-ups – 15 points No further point for additional push ups 
Please note: 
– the push-up count has to be at one go.
– No points for below 10 push-ups (option 1)  Or below 15 push-ups (option 2)
Upload the activity video on social media (Pl ensure that if it’s on Instagram, it’s not a private activity) and share the link or upload the video on activity dashboard in the website. 
The challenge is open from April 11- 18th

March 27, 2022

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