100 Day Challenge

Countdown begins to the completion of 2nd 100 Day Challenge. We are stepping into the last week and exciting wildcard challenges are lined up ahead, which can be game changers and true test of how genuinely disciplined the participants have been.
The admins have tirelessly approved nearly 30, 000 activities logged in by the participants. The Wildcard challenges have not only been great fun but also have worked as benchmark for the participant to test their own progresses in many ways. It was exciting to see heightened activities in certain wildcard challenges which have been great point earning opportunities for some. Participation was naturally much higher for wildcard challenges like Flexibility, Plank, Flamingo Balance, Women’s Day and Earth Day special challenges but the recent push up challenge had many rejections due to improper form. I strongly recommend everyone to be mindful of your form while doing any exercise or strength training.
What’s been really commendable that nearly 200 participants maintained a step count average of 10,000 a day for the month of March, a higher number than combined of those who did daily average of 4, 000 and 7, 000 steps. I am sure each one of them is experiencing the difference it has made.
Stay tuned for more on the 100 Day Challenge in next two issues – the grand finale challenge, much awaited final lists of top 50 and many transformation stories.

April 10, 2022

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