100 Day Challange

One fourth of the Challenge is already over. How is ‘the journey to a fitter self’ going for you? 
Going with the data of the first 10,000 entries, it’s remarkable to see the variety of exercises people are engaging in and many of you are passionately adhering to your discipline of exercising regularly. If you are feeling low on motivation, look up #AdmireYourself on Twitter, scroll through the tweets and I am sure you will be inspired to push yourself harder. 
Collectively, in the first three weeks, the participants have run for 10, 000+ kilometers, walked 16,000+ kilometers, cycled for 1000+ hours, did strength training & different forms of workout & yoga for 3600+ hourstogether, we are definitely creating happier families and a healthier nation. 
The response received to the first wildcard entry was outstanding. We had nearly 350 entries! It was heartwarming to see kids joining their parents in jumping jacks, for fun – you are certainly inspiring them with your fitness discipline. 
The next wild card challenge will be announced today – Flamingo Balance Test – it tests your ability to balance successfully on a single leg and assesses strength of the leg, pelvic, trunk muscles as well as static balance. The details will be shared with the participants over email, WhatsApp, Twitter and Telegram. Get ready to test your body’s balance!
The next leadership board will be announced on Sunday, February 20 so make sure you enter your data by February 16. Should you have any query/clarification, please write to us at healthchallenge@sandeepmall.com. 
Let’s end the first month of the Challenge with improved discipline and a fitter self. 
Show more love to yourself. 
FITstar of the weekBhumika Shah
Bhumika Shah wears a motley hat. An Assistant Professor, a reader, blogger, story teller and mother of two, Bhumika fits perfectly the definition of modern day super woman who multitasks like a pro. And as we know multitasking needs high energy, Bhumika draws her share of energy from regular and consistent workouts. No wonder she chose to participate in 100 Day Challenge both the times. In the first challenge, she added variety to her workouts by including cycling and Zumba and made her days not just active but fun. And now she wants to be fit enough to run around with her 3.5 years old without feeling tired. Being overweight she wants to embrace consistency in her fitness regime and regain her healthy form by participating in 100 Day Challenge 2.0. 
Starting early is her secret to stay motivated throughout the day. Waking up early gives her extra hours. “That early morning walk-cycling gives a happy feel that makes my whole day positive and beautiful,” is how Bhumika puts it.
“Own your mornings. Set a minimum target and however busy you are- cross your minimum anyhow! Moreover be with people who motivate you,” – advocates the woman, who knows her mind.
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February 13, 2022

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