100 Day Challange

Top 50 as on 31st March 2022. Hearty Congratulations. You all are rockstars.
40 and Above
40 and Above

Under 40
Under 40

Sponsor Highlight
All the participants of 100 day challenge will get a certificate of participation. The certificate will have a QR code which will help them find their Insurance needs.
ProtectMeWell is API-first comprehensive insurance needs analyzer that does need analysis of 10 products including Retirement Corpus, Term Insurance, Health Insurance, and Emergency Fund in one go. The engine, designed by actuaries, is the first of its kind in terms of comprehensiveness. 
ProtectMeWell is unbiased and non-intrusive and is evident from the fact that we neither capture any contact information nor sell any financial products. This gave over 30000 users the confidence to take the journey and plan their finances better.
Their website protectmewell.com.
For the readers of Good Vibes, ProtectMeWell is offering the comprehensive insurance needs analysis report, which is priced at Rs 199 for Rs 99.00. When you generate the report using code SandeepMall, you pay only Rs 99 which otherwise is 199.
FITStar of the week –
Dr Pankaj Anand, a senior consultant, critical care and internal medicine, at Fortis Jaipur, has always been a fitness enthusiast, but off late work pressure came in his way of maintaining a regular regime. However, things have changed ever since he participated in the 100 Days Challenge-1. His participation not only helped him get back to a consistent regime, but also control his binges and in turn making him more conscious of his health. But what Dr Anand is particularly happy about is the trigger he got regarding his weight loss journey from 91 kg to 76 kg over 6 months.
Motivated by Sandeep Mall’s Twitter profile Dr. Pankaj Anand realized that all was not lost and he could still get into shape and maintain good health. His tips for fellow fitness ninjas are – keep it simple, don’t set too many goals in the beginning; compete only with yourself and keep working on it; and finally consistency and a regular lifestyle will be the game changer!

March 20, 2022

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